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the_sopranos's Journal

the soprano's
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Updated as of 11/27/02:

if you join this community, it this is a MUST. if you want to share a spoiler you hear about the show, please do a lj-cut. if you don't know how to do one, i'll explain. it's:

[lj-cut text="click here to read a spoiler"]
spoiler added here

replace the []'s with < >'s. thank you for your coooperation.

  • a spoiler can also be inside information about the show. like, if you know what's going to happen on next week's episode or the season finale and such. those are a lj-cut MUST. a lot of people don't want to know what's going to happen since it takes the surprise out of waiting to watch it. some people don't care so it's much easier to just do a lj-cut.

    i think that's all. if you have any questions/complaints/comments/suggestions, feel free to email me. if you feel something else should be added here, let me know. thanks for joining!

    this is a community for the show 'The Soprano's'. so if you're a fan or someone that hasn't seen that show but want's to, come join us and talk about it. talk about your favorite characters, what you hate/like about the show, anything and everything.

    if you have any questions or comments, contact me, the maintainer @ my journal. jennay :)

    so join already! and tell your friends :)